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ruckus ensemble.

The ruckus ensemble was formed in 2011 after a call out for anyone interested and had experience in writing & performance and who also identified as having disability. A group of 8 people showed up who all also happened to have Down Syndrome. Armed with their writings, thoughts and ideas they embarked on the Exercise (book) Classes series of workshops where they worked alongside Beyond the Square’s Alison Richardson and also guest writing tutor Jessica Bellamy to come up with a short devised piece of work, Love Heart Cardigan in December 2011. In 2012 group named themselves the ruckus ensemble and started work on devising the new theatre work See In Me for presentation in February 2013.

RUCKUS ENSEMBLE STATEMENT: “It’s about being creative, showing our inspiration, showing emotions and feelings. We have fun, we make new friends and meet old friends. It’s about us & what we do. We make big performances. We want to be noticed because we might be invisible to them, we have talents, we want to get out there. We want everyone to hear us not just our family, friends & colleagues. We want everyone to see us not just them because we want to be treated equally and we’re all the same. We are all in this together. It’s about the people that come into the group. Let’s go outside to the whole wide world.”

Meet the Ensemble

I got my first paid job at Roadshow Films this year. I see what happens in the movies. The things I like to do is dancing with the Special Olympics Dance group, acting, story writing, tennis & film…Read More

I am learning to becoming a Level 1 Artistic Men’s Gymnastics Coach at Castle Hill RSL Gymnastics Club. I am a Gymnast & I won medals at World Summer Games at Greece, it was great also I love dra…Read More

I am a hip hop guy in First Flight Crew. I love movies, DVDs and my i-pad. I love to dance and I work at the Australia Council for the Arts. I do some arts and I’m in the paper. I have had an exh…Read More

I work at Riverside Theatres. Everyone there is like my second family. In the morning I collect the mail & papers then I go inside of the building. I empty my pockets, sign in, put everything in th…Read More

When I was in high school I was in Witches, Wizard of Oz, 12 Dreams of Nothing, Living with Lady Macbeth. I believe that I will be an actor. I’m doing a film after my class at NIDA on Sundays. I …Read More

I like to watch Supernatural and I also like acting & dancing. I go to a day option centre where we do activities like guitar, music, cooking & going out. I also do singing lessons and I love it so…Read More

Past Ensemble Members

Jo Rix is currently enrolled in a weekend NIDA acting course and a Film Making Course at Sydney Community College. She belongs to a weekly singing group and is learning the guitar.

Jo has ac…Read More

Nathan is a 22 year old social entrepreneur pushing the boundaries on perceived preconceptions about people with an intellectual disability. Nathan says, that he might happen to have Down syndrome …Read More

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