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Every year participants of the Beyond ABBA movement & drama workshops show off their skills, talents and funk to a packed audience on Riverside's mainstage. This year was no different the EPIC performance 'Wild Imaginings' saw over 60 performers exploring the theme of 'Dreams' through movement, text and video of their own devising.

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Wild Imaginings

In 2012 the end of year performance extravaganza was wild!  It was the result of 30 weeks of workshops with over 60 people from our Beyond ABBA program.  The six classes who met once a week with tutors Margot Politis and Maurie Barlin where they all contributed suggestions, ideas, thoughts and writings all around the theme of ‘Dreams’ to create a show bursting with original and fresh ideas from the poetic to the ridiculous.

There was also an original sound score for part of the show created by each class alongside the wonderful Tom Trelawny.  Rain sticks to pieces of tarpaulin to singing love songs and chanting all made for a mad musical time and somehow Tom managed to whittle all the crazy and beautiful down into three fantastic & original tracks for the show.

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Our Reel Thing film making tutor, Morgan Newall and super enthusiastic participant Rob Coles also had a workshop with each class filming mini interviews, using the green screen and in general creating video masterpieces all around the participants’ dreams and desires.

We also showed two short videos made by participants of The Reel Thing film making group- they were Nanko Sakai and Mindbender.

After the show everyone was invited to stick around for the Courtyard Party where they could enjoy a BBQ served by our National Australia Bank volunteers, have a turn at Karaoke with Tom and dance the afternoon away. There was also on display in our Artspace foyer exhibition, ‘My Story’ an exhibition by emerging artist, Alex McGregor.

Co-Directors- Maurie Barlin, Margot Politis and Alison Richardson

Original music: Tom Trelawny and Beyond ABBA crews

Video/ editing: Morgan Newall and Robert Coles.

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