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Choose Your Own Adventure was a wild and crazy ride! It was the result of 30 weeks of workshops as part of Beyond the Square’s Beyond ABBA weekly drama & movement workshop program engaging 50 people who identify as having disability.

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You can’t choose the time
You can’t choose the weather, or whether you live or die
You can’t choose the body you’re born with and if you’re sick or not
You can’t choose the moves you make and where your muscles take you.
or the computer virus attacking your hard drive
You can’t choose your family or missing friends
I do not choose my name
I cannot choose when I wake in the morning, being dragged out of bed, when I would like to sleep till noon.
You can’t choose if your coffee cup breaks and broken things
But I choose being around friends, around people.
I choose to rest, to unwind, to unwrap, to unravel.
I choose to go in, to go under, to dive under the ocean, to swim.
I choose going on the sand
I choose to wrap, to gather, to balance
I choose being an actor
I choose my future
I choose my own adventure
Created by the Beyond ABBA crews.

Over 30 weeks the five workshop groups contributed suggestions, ideas, thoughts and writings all around the theme of ‘Choice’ to create a show that was truly the performers own and one that was bursting with fresh new ideas & perspectives.

We set out to explore the frustration that can come from having a lack of choice and control over your life, the confusion that comes with too much choice and also the joy and power you can feel when you can actually choose (or at least being asked) what you would like to do, say, have or be!

The Beyond ABBA gruops also had the opportunity to work with a sound designer, Peter Kennard to come up with original poetry scores and also video artist Eddie Abd to create the video aspects for the show. This year we also introduced the performers to Australian Sign Language (Auslan) which they all learnt to Sydney singer/ song writer Brett Winterford’, ‘Hey Make Believer.’

Choose Your Own Adventure was raw, live & large with moments of laughter, poignancy, absurdity and reflection & most importantly moments of people giving their absolute best on stage together as one huge team who have all achieved something pretty special together.

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