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In the last four months with the ruckus ensemble we had a music/ voice tutor named Tom Trelawny who is also a good mate to Alison.  With Tom we did some movements, calm  breathing , vowels  singing and dancing.  We  also did singing on the microphone on Tom’s  loop station.

ruckus gang

Then we had a tutor movement tutor named Dean Walsh,  he knows  Phillip Channels from Restless Dance Theatre. With Dean  we  were doing some  movements. We were  in a circle and standing in the middle  of the back stage doing movements on the wall.  We had two boxes  on the floor and we had props on the floor.  It’s about  people who are  invisible  and being left out  not  being seen or heard.   We had to copy  what the boys were doing  and we had to join  in.  We had to copy what the girls were doing and we had to join in with them.  In the end of  the term  yesterday was Dean’s last night  of class . Then after class  we celebrated at Grill’d .  We had Burgers  and chips  also it was Nathan’s birthday  so we had cupcakes.

I am looking forward  to work  with Dean  again  in the production that we are doing  in Feb 2013.  We also  will be working with Alison and other artists.

End of term burger time and Nathan’s 21st b’day!

It’s  the production of  Between the Cracks  that the  are creating  together as the ruckus ensemble. It’s about  feeling  invisible.   I get to remind  people that everyone  wants to make a difference  and not being put down and treat us equally.


By Gerard O’Dwyer


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