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Filming on Ice

Rob shooting at the rink

On Friday May the 25th 2012 myself and the other guys went on location to the Liverpool ice skating rink  to make a short film as part of The Reel Thing short film course that we are all doing through Beyond The Square.

A funny story getting to the ice rink we had arranged a couple of days before that Rebecca and Greg from the class would pick me up at Liverpool station at 9:50am. I always have my iPod with me and I was listening to some music unaware that Rebecca had shown up early she had sms’d me a couple of times and rang as well and because I had my headphones on I didn’t hear a thing even when Bec drove around the block a few times blowing her horn and yelling my name.  She ended up getting out of the car and walked towards me saying we’re here. I was in my own little world just grooving to my music Bec and Greg was very patient with me, thank you.

We all showed up just after 10:30 and prepared for the filming and it was funny to see some of the guys wearing costumes like Dean with his big black curly wig hair and there was Shaz with his Bin Laden beard it was so funny, disturbing but funny.

Seeing these guys on the ice was great considering that they are all in wheelchairs and watching them skid on the ice using their wheelchairs looked so very cool.  Apparently it was colder than usual so it was challenging filming but it was worth it to get the shots we needed and we did get some fancy shots of the ice with the mist coming up from the ice.

Dean, Shaz, Pete ready to drift!

Going on a location shoot was fantastic for me because it’s been some time since I have been involved in any kind of production and working with the guys they are such an inspiration to me reach for the stars and know your potential.

The tutors, you guys are absolutely beautiful Alison and Morgan it’s a good vibe working with you guys.

Robert Coles

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