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Exhibition Title: Abstract

Exhibition Open:
July 17, 2013 – July 31, 2013
Phone: Therese on 0418 480 851 or Nick Kelly on 0405 263 359


Therese is a 47 year old artist from Caringbah, Sydney. Therese is a mother to daughter Casey, 14. Therese started out making handmade cards as a way of getting her mind off things in her life that were troubling her. Layering is a technique Therese has used both in her card making and in her painting. Therese uses acrylic paint on canvas in primary colours as well as creating colours of her own.
Therese describes her paintings as abstract works. When it comes to naming her pieces, Therese completes the layering process (paint, masking tape, more paint, more masking tape) then examines the resulting artworks and looks for images that have been ‘born’ out of the process. As Therese states, ‘You don’t realise it is there until you really look’. Therese then names her paintings based on what she sees.

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