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Exhibition Title: Arunan
Launch: October 21, 2014

Exhibition Open:
October 21, 2014 – October 31, 2014
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“Arunan has this talent I really wanted him to pursue… I believe in God, so I met the right people and got to know Jerome. I did not have a clue what digital art means…but staying for two hours on one project, for me that was amazing. Sometimes we can hear him singing also, I could see that was him being happy.”
Sara Dharmalingam, Arunans Mother


Arunan is for the most part non-verbal and lives with Autism. He communicates his thoughts and feelings using Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) with visuals, gestures and through his art. If you can’t already tell, he loves animals. Arunan takes his inspiration from the world around him including numerous trips to Farms, Aquariums, the Easter Show and Zoos such as Taronga Zoo (Sydney and Western Plains); all made possible with the support of his family: his twin brother Anujan, his sister Menaha and mother Sara.

Arunan has been working with Jerome, a digital based artist since early 2013. When they started working together, Jerome introduced Arunan to digital illustration. This allowed for a consistency with the level of simplicity in line work and colour selection that Arunan was already accustomed to. Even though he hadn’t used digital drawing tools before, Arunan picked up drawing with a tablet very quickly and soon developed his very own style. Arunan’s artwork is created using a Wacom Cintiq with Photoshop.

All of the proceeds from the collection goes towards fostering independence for Arunan in the future.

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