Call Us: +61 28839 3359 you got a funny, ridiculous or dark story to share about being unique or oh so inspiring? Have you been patronised in a truly 'special' way lately? Do you see the l…Read More
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Beyond the Square is Riverside Theatre’s dedicated performing arts program for people with disability. It is the only mainstream theatre company in Australia to have a dedicated program committed solely to the development of opportunities for people with disability in the arts. Beyond the Square is about working outside the norm, thinking laterally & creatively. It is about embracing difference and challenging preconceptions. Reel Thing film making group was established in response to the need for more creative programs for people with limited physical abilities who were cognitively high functioning.Read More
View Workshop > like to watch Supernatural and I also like acting & dancing. I go to a day option centre where we do activities like guitar, music, cooking & going out. I also do singing lessons and I love it so mu…Read More
View Artist > can someone disappear like they never existed? How can someone lay dead in their home and not be found for 8 years? We assure ourselves by saying ‘this won’t happen to me’ but how can we be…Read More
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