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Stare Fest Parramatta
Beyond the Square is Riverside Theatre’s dedicated performing arts program for people with disability. It is the only mainstream theatre company in Australia to have a dedicated program committed solely to the development of opportunities for people with disability in the arts. Beyond the Square is about working outside the norm, thinking laterally & creatively. It is about embracing difference and challenging preconceptions. making workshops for people with a primary physical disability. Learn how to create & shoot your own short film! Participants will work with trainers in the use of digital video cameras, sound ge…Read More
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I work at Riverside Theatres. Everyone there is like my second family. In the morning I collect the mail & papers then I go inside of the building. I empty my pockets, sign in, put everything in th…Read More

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How can someone disappear like they never existed? How can someone lay dead in their home and not be found for 8 years? We assure ourselves by saying ‘this won’t happen to me’ but how can we…Read More

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